After what feels like about 100 years I have finished writing and Illustrating a book. To celebrate this momentous occasion I've set up this website! Tah Dah!!  You can even buy things from me here! Shock, Gasp, Horror!! I will be selling the book on the street on the run up to Christmas, with a little pop up shop... if you want to buy a book in person that is.  You can of course buy it here on my website! WOW!  Its called The Fountainbridge Tangle Witch and the Dark Miracle.  Said witch, is a Scottish Wild Cat that thinks she's a Bengal tiger. She likes gardening and making friends but she but keeps running away.  If you see her ask her to stay.  I published the book on the 31st of October.  It was Halloween, it was a blue moon, perfect timing for this rare spooktacular! The pages are also available as glicee prints and collectors cards. Check out my shop for whats available and please subscibe at the bottom of the site!

Muchas gracias!x



Stained glass, sculpture, illustration and installations

If you would like to commission me to produce an artwork I am very versatile and work across mediums.  I'm also planning to teach stained glass so if your interested in learning this traditional craft subscribe on the bottom of the site for updates.



The Fountainbridge Tanglewitch

These are primarily to highlight inequality and environmental collapse.  With a focus on the travelling community, refugees escaping war, endangered animals, people experiencing bullying, domestic violence and homelessness. My book is intentionally designed to encourage conversations around these topics.