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Four bad reasons

Updated: Nov 29, 2020


This was a test post... Hmmmm

4 bad reasons

  1. Jimmy and Archie stole my things. I know it was them because one day they stole Mary Magdelene from a church. Another day they stole my phone then pretended they hadn't by hiding it under their caravan.

  2. I wanted to help the protest but even there someone decided to set up a group and then use it to pretend all my ideas were their ideas.

  3. I wanted to be part of the art walk but after visiting me the organiser never got back in touch. I never wanted to be there. Some see a beach, I saw a human being flipped from the frying pan into the fire.

  4. There were loads of red flags but I didn't have a choice, there was nowhere to go so eventually the whole caravan along with Sammy the seal, and some of my best painting were gone. I wasn't sad though, I was totally use to that king of thing by then. The police told me that it didn't matter if they sprayed their name allover my things because they would just say someone did that to make it look like it was them.

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