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New glass!

Ok not so new...I've just been bad and not posted on my website for an age. Sorry, I don't have many people on my mailing list so it seems a bit pointless sometimes. Please do leave a comment if you read this so I know you've seen it. Obviously the answer to this is to have more followers than not not write any posts. I've not worked out how to convince people of that yet! 😬 I made this screen door for Organic Well Tree in Saint Martins. There are themed rooms and yurts outside for people to come and stay in. They (Sabine and Gundula) wanted some glass based on the Rennie Mackintosh style. I specifically looked at paintings by his wife Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh for this glass work. I completed these a while ago and my friends have since asked me for 4 more windows for the shower cabin that a lad from Galgael has built for the yurt dwellers.

I have also joined two poetry reading groups in Stirling so have been writing and reading in the real world rather than just toying with ideas virtually. One is in the Smithy an independent art gallery and museum at the foot of Stirling Castle. I couldn't believe it when I turned up there to discover David Machs Tiger in there growling at me. I just laughed though. I had with me the hand made version of my book, with David's tiger in it, as it was being purchased by the National Library of Scotland. "Easy Tiger" might look fierce but it's probably exactly the same as a Tunnocks teacake, hard but breakable and soft on the inside.

I'll be even more by the list of coincidences if my Snowplough gets called David Ploughie. Although I like... Barry White Out, Carrie White Out, Betty White Out or Eddie Blizzard. I saw one yesterday called. Always Be Grit-full..presumably telling folk it's better to be full of grit than be a sucker or that's how I interpreted's certainly going down roads where you could call a Gritter anything. Any old pun or inspirational quote will do! Even if it's terrible!

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Sent a comment Sarah, which I hope got through! Anyway wonderful to see al this, Marylin xxx

Replying to

Got it Marylin! The website works only the controller has fallen under the couch! 😆

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