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The Piano Lure

I spotted an old piano down the lane by Mucky Mulligans. I went in and the fella who owns the place, John, says I'm welcome to use space in his workshop for making stained glass. His son worked for the folk who make stained glass for movies, specifically Harry Potter. I actually thought that glass was fake news but it isn't apparently.

I've used one of the piano parts to make Christmas stars. I'll put them up in the shop. I think their pretty Sci fi so I'm making them to remember Dave Prowes who died today. He played Darth Vader in star wars.

I glued 4 pieces together and painted them. They are difficult to photograph but I'll put the vid of one of them spinning at the bottom of this post and in the shop.

N.B. 😂His names John, of course it is, everyone's called John in Saint John's Town!

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